Saturday, September 26, 2009

Were these U.S. Marines poisoned?

Breast cancer doesn't occur in men very frequently, but when you have a group of 20 U.S. Marines who develop breast cancer after being stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, you have to wonder if there might be some common association. You have to read this story on CNN titled, "Poisoned patriots? Stricken Marines seek help with illnesses."

One really sad part about this story is that these Marines are not able to receive breast cancer care through the VA system. Why? According to the story:
the men are denied treatment by the Department of Veterans Affairs, which says it can't treat them for a condition that hasn't been shown to have been "service-related."
Now, there's a website called The Few, The Proud, The Forgotten ( where you can learn more about this story.

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  1. Absolutely! Twenty men with the same condition from scattered locations could be doubted, but they ALL served at the same place and drank the same water. That is not a coincidence. And if a soldier, who served long, well and faithfully for many years is not believed, the military needs to hang it's head in utter shame for abandoning and worse, vilifying these heroes.