Thursday, September 17, 2009

MIT alum improving medication adherence

I don't think I can give all the credit to a single MIT alum. Joshua Wachman is the president of Vitality and he's an MIT alum. David Rose, the CEO, is a St. Olaf College and Harvard alum, but I won't hold that against him since he teaches a course at the MIT Media Lab.

Vitality is an innovative company and they have an Internet-connected pill cap called the GlowCap.
Vitality GlowCaps illuminate, play a melody, and even ring a home phone so patients don't forget. They can send weekly emails to remote caregivers, create accountability with doctors through an adherence report, and automatically refill prescriptions. Vitality improves medication adherence, health, and peace of mind.
Vitality is currently working with researchers at Harvard Medical School and the Center for Connected Health on a study to measure the impact of the GlowCaps CONNECT system.
Sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it? It's great to see what these bright minds are doing. When you combine an MIT alum with a Harvard alum, you get innovation. I suppose you often get that even without the Harvard alum, but who's comparing, right? Check it out:

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