Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How did a frog get into a Pepsi can?

I'm glad I don't drink soda (I should say, I rarely drink soda). Someone in Florida found a frog (it could have been a toad) inside his can of Diet Pepsi. Sounds pretty crazy, doesn't it?

Since so many people carry cell phones (or smartphones) and have cameras on their devices, I suppose it would be really easy to capture such a memorable moment. Read this crazy story on CNN here.

OK FDA, how did this happen?


  1. Dr. Kim! Don't tell me you that you believe that couple?

  2. Somebody either wants to make money by suing or to destroy the reputation of pepsi.

  3. May they put a tadpole or young frog in an empty can, let it grow for a while then poured diet pepsi inside afterwards.
    Just sayin' coulda happened.

  4. They couldn't have put a tadpole in the can and let it grow, as the internal organs of the frog were not there. It had been gutted.

  5. It's all about money. We've seen many such claims lately........I like the part where they say they took pictures THEN called poison control...THEN called the FDA

    Nowhere does it say they called 911 or a doctor or went to a hospital emergency room........

    How concerned were they?

  6. So if you don't believe that the frog was put in there, how did it get in? I suppose you believe magicians really do make elephants disappear.
    I'm no expert but the acid that makes up soda drinks might eat up internal organs quicker than flesh. Maybe the frog was gutted to make it fit through the hole. I've seen "Laverne and Shirley" and there is now way that frog made it the can on the production line. Just sayin'

  7. It's hard to imagine they would try to make up a story and risk being charged for fraud, grand larceny, etc. Remember the story about the "finger" in Wendy's chili? In 2006, Anna Ayala was sentenced to 9 years in prison for conspiring to file a false claim and attempted grand theft.

  8. Dr. Kim,

    Really? Doctor? What alternative reality do you live in?
    I doubt that the papers were given all the facts about what was found.
    Prince Frog has a brilliant point. The first thing i would do is go to emergency (after puking my guts out)
    just sayin'

  9. I admit: it could be real, it could be a scam. I also agree that the media may not be releasing all the facts.

    Unless the DeNegris don't recognize the potential consequences of trying to pull such a scam, it would seem doubtful that they would simply make this up.

  10. Our jails are full of people who thought they could get away with something.
    Unfortunately, part of the human condition.