Saturday, August 1, 2009

Top posts in July 2009 on Medicine and Technology

July was a really busy month on and I saw some serious peaks in traffic because I hosted Grand Rounds and because my Facebook account got hacked. Never give anyone money on Facebook.

The top referring websites for this month were 1) Medscape (thanks to Colin for the article), 2) Twitter (thanks to my 17,000+ followers), 3) Pajamas Media (thanks to Glenn Reynolds AKA Instapundit for telling people about Grand Rounds), and 4) CNN (thanks to Sphere, my blog posts often appear at the bottom of health-related CNN articles).

Here were the top posts for July:
  1. Grand Rounds July 14, 2009: Technology and Healthcare

  2. Is Canada's health system better?

  3. Jobs for Physicians with No Residency Experience

  4. Things are getting ugly between Sermo and the AMA

  5. Non-Clinical Medical Opportunities for Physicians and Other Clinicians

  6. Medical treatment based on the color of your skin

  7. CNBC debate between Gov Dean and Sermo

  8. Fake NASA moon landings?

  9. After Obama's speech last night, will more physicians look for non-clinical careers?

  10. My Facebook account got hacked!

In July, so much traffic came from referring sites so search engines only represented 13% of my site traffic.

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