Sunday, August 9, 2009

Comparing Canada's healthcare system with the U.S.

I've written about this topic in the past, but here's a CNN video that actually look at the two healthcare systems. CNN's Kitty Pilgrim looks to see how the Canadian health system fares compared to the U.S. Is this a fair example?

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  1. As a Canadian, this is one of the rare pieces about the Canadian Health Care System that I've seen coming out of the States that actually seems accurate. One can see any doctor you want as long as they have time in their appointment book. I actually think Canadians have MORE choice with respect to doctors than Americans do, as my impression is that Americans are restricted to the doctors covered by the insurance plan they are on. So, if you need an endocrinologist, and there are only two covered by your plan, you have a choice of two. And some insurance plans in the States don't even seem to cross State lines. In Canada we can see any doctor we want in the country.

    As for timely care, acute issues like cancer, heart attacks, and yes, brain tumors get addressed immediately. A relative was scheduled for an angiogram, and it was discovered all the coronary arteries were quite blocked, and he had a triple bypass within the day. It is the chronic non-deadly stuff for which there are waits - hip replacements, knee replacements etc. But in Canada, everyone that needs one will eventually get one. In the States, if you don't have insurance, you can't go to an emergency room and expect to get a hip replaced. You get no treatment at all.

    I know of Canadians that live in the southern States for the winter months and would like to spend more time down there, but they come back home for the required number of months each year in order to maintain their health care status in Canada. That in itself says a lot. They are voting with their actions as to which system they prefer.

    Obviously the Canadian system is not perfect, but I think it works quite well, and all the fear mongering I'm hearing about how awful our system is, is over the top ridiculous. Most of what I'm hearing and seeing from the States simply doesn't even come close to the truth. It's propaganda at its worst.