Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some of the Top 10 Health Experts on Twitter

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As we all try to live healthier lives, we turn to some of the health experts for the very best advice. Following some of these health experts on Twitter can make for some interesting advice and real life experiences. Some of the top 10 health experts on Twitter have founded their careers on health, and some are a bit less traditional but nonetheless have excellent advice and tips that anyone can follow along with.

Twitter Health Experts In The Know

1. Pond Berry (@pondberry) – This is an excellent Twitter site to follow if you want to understand the science and the reasoning behind things. Delving into various health topics, you can find some interesting posts and fellow medical experts here. The focus for this Twitter site is a sound body and sound mind and how the two work together. You can learn a lot by following this health expert on Twitter.

2. Idea Fit (@ideafit) – This Twitter site serves as a large and diverse organization of health and fitness professionals, so the posts are compelling and though provoking. You can weigh in on the health topic at hand or sit back and enjoy the interaction amongst professionals in the field. This is also a great Twitter site to follow if you hope to connect with other health experts, so it serves as a great networking tool.

3. Lori Shemek, PhD (@dlsHealthWorks) – This is an excellent Twitter site to follow as this health professional focuses her expertise on educating others. Her focus is on how changing one’s health can mean immediate changes to one’s life and she works with people to get them to where they want to be. She has some great followers which makes for some great health postings.

4. Adrian Robles (@adriancpt1) – This certified trainer offers some of the best advice and tips on health making him an excellent expert to follow. His focus is primarily on fitness as that is what he’s founded his career on and he has some excellent insight to offer to followers.

5. De West (@dewestyoga) – This is a rather down to earth health expert as she speaks of her everyday life just as much as she speaks of her profession. She is a yoga instructor by trade and has some excellent tips and tricks of the trade. She owns her own studio and focuses much of her posts on healthy living, but also shares her experiences as a mother and an individual living day by day.

6. Darren Garland (@DFSNJ) – This health expert focuses his attention on his life as a professional trainer and how he has helped people to change their lives through their workouts. He offers various workout tips, routines, and chronicles his journey of his facility where he trains people and changes their lives forever.

7. Tracy Langford (@sVerdad)–This is an interesting Twitter site to follow because there is a real approach to fitness. Various workouts are chronicled in full depth to show how one can make it through each routine. Using inner strength as the focus, this makes for an interesting fitness expert to keep your eye on.

8. Paul L Smith (@paul_smith_atx) – While he is a health expert, he’s not your traditional type as he shares as much about his everyday life as a father, husband, and principal as he does his health views. However as he has become a beach body coach through his own experiences, it makes him an intriguing health expert to follow with a real life view.

9. Jake Nelson (@befitdepot) – Sometimes following the educational view along with the real life view makes for some interesting posts, and that’s what you will find here. He focuses his health expertise as a personal trainer and nutritional consultant in a very digestible point of view that anyone can relate to.

10. Dr. Joseph Kim (@DrJosephKim) – A list with the top ten health experts to follow on Twitter wouldn’t be complete without our very own Dr. Joseph Kim. Dr. Kim is not only a physician, but he’s also an MIT engineer as well. He not only can provide a firsthand perspective of the medical world and up and coming treatments, but he also provides insight into technology and links the two up through current events. He is a fascinating health expert to follow as he keeps up with everything going on in the world and finds a way to marry together medicine and technology in a unique perspective, and with a unique way of communicating. He runs three other blogs in addition to this one on Medicine and Technology. You can also find some intriguing dialogues between Dr. Kim and other health experts making him a definite one to follow, ranking high on the top ten list.

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