Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Medfusion acquires iHealthRecord from Medem

Medfusion acquired iHealthRecord (a Personal Health Record or PHR solution) from Medem. "The combined set of patient-to-provider online communication solutions provides added value to physicians and patients and creates the largest online network in the U.S." With Medfusion, you may gain benefits such as:
  • Improved efficiency: patients fill out standard and custom forms, request appointments and prescription refills, and even communicate with practice staff online
  • Reduced spending: eliminate paper and mail costs for statements, pre-registration packets, and patient education; automate information delivery; and significantly decrease staff phone time
  • Increase revenue: Virtual Office Visits create new revenue streams; reduced no-shows ensure appointment compliance; online bill payment increases revenue received from patients; online referrals bring more referrals to your practice
  • Faster patient billing and collections: self-service bill pay options – including budget payment programs – reduce statement delivery and collection costs, speed time to payment, and provide convenience to patients
I really like the idea of the Virtual Office Visits. More practitioners are leveraging telemedicine and other remote technologies to communicate with patients. People are e-mailing photos of rashes, sending video clips of their ailing children, and utilizing other forms of multimedia to communicate with their patients.

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