Thursday, July 2, 2009

How much swine flu vaccine will we need?

How much is enough? That's the question of the year as we prepare for the worst part of the swine flu pandemic. We know that swine flu (influenza H1N1) has spread throughout the U.S. and healthy people are dying from this common illness.

CNN has a story titled, "CDC: U.S. may need 600 million swine flu vaccine doses." Is 600 million doses going to be enough? What if we need more? Each adult will probably need two separate doses of vaccine (two shots, ouch!). According to CNN, "Congress passed a supplemental appropriation for $7.5 billion, which President Obama recently signed, to cover the costs of preparing for the virus, which includes a vaccination campaign." New and old pharmaceutical companies around the world are racing to prepare a safe and effective swine flu vaccine. Will they be prepared before it's too late? What if they're not safe? These are some of the questions that health officials are facing. To read the CNN story, click here.

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