Friday, June 5, 2009

Microsoft Health Engagement Survey 2009

According to Healthcare IT News, Kelton Research conducted the Microsoft Health EngagemLinkent Survey 2009 and found that consumers want their doctors and their health plans to use technology to help them get healthier. Here's an interesting snippet: "According to the survey, 66 percent of Americans are interested in receiving health-related encouragement or reminder e-mails from their health insurance company and 52 percent would be open to receiving e-mails that provide them with feedback on their health progress. In addition, 62 percent of Americans believe that personal health record services are valuable."

When I think about personal health record (PHR) services that are really popular right now, I think of Microsoft Health Vault and Google Health. Many consumers have a Google account (for Gmail, Picasaweb, etc.) and/or a Microsoft account (for Hotmail, MSN, etc.). Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for these 2 mega giants to offer PHR services. I'm waiting for Yahoo to jump in (but maybe Yahoo is waiting to get acquired by Microsoft).


  1. The study findings don't surprise me; so many people today are in front of their computers, email makes perfect sense. PHRs are also a logical step. Having all of your medical records housed in one place, like HealthVault, is desirable and convenient.

  2. More and more health IT companies are relying on Cloud Computing. There's an interesting article in BusinessWeek about that.