Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dr. Oz on Forbes - headaches about resveratrol

There's a story on Forbes titled, "A Headache for Dr. Oz." Poor Dr. Oz. Forbes says, "The celebrity surgeon's endorsement of a longevity pill has sparked a ragtag industry of dubious sellers - starring Dr. Oz."

He's a celebrity because of Oprah, but now it seems like he's facing many headaches about resveratrol. Maybe it's just one major headache. Dr. Oz talked up the antiaging properties of resveratrol and now many companies are using his name and photo to promote resveratrol. The problem is that some (actualy, many) of these companies appear to be questionable at best. They have been reported to the Better Business Bureau and have been rated with an "F" plus over two thousand customer complaints.

Resveratrol is not a miracle drug. It is still being researched (see Harvard Researcher and the Secret of Aging). Don't buy it on the Internet (or anywhere else) - we still need more information about this agent. This post is not meant to be interpreted as medical advice. It's meant to protect you from the Internet scams that are out there regarding the use of resveratrol pills, creams, and other anti-aging products.

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