Tuesday, May 5, 2009

People with Diabetes Get All the Cool Gadgets

Does it seem like people who have diabetes end up with all the cool gadgets and gizmos? Take a look at this thing called the OmniPod PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager). Looks like a cool gadget! The handheld PDM has a large color screen and can wirelessly program your personalized insulin delivery. It also calculates suggested doses and has a convenient, built-in FreeStyle blood glucose meter. What about all those people who use Accu-Check? I suppose they can easily get accustomed to a different system since most of these glucose meters have similar functionality. People with diabetes are constantly in need of new medical supplies because they need to check their blood glucose levels.

As these diabetes devices get more sophisticated, i wonder if we will see a truely closed-loop artificial pancreas become commercialized in our lifetime. What if we could implant an artificial pancreas and cure diabetes? Wouldn't that be fantastic? Thanks to modern technology, diagnostic and self care equipment have all gotten very sophisticated and have also become easier to use. As patients get more comfortable managing their conditions, let's hope this will reduce the chronic diseases burden on the healthcare system. Image source: DiabetesMine.

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