Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Personal Growth on Twitter: 6,000 New Followers in 30 days!

Although I had a Twitter account since 2008, I only started using Twitter seriously about two months ago. At the beginning of April, I only had about 30 followers. I had started to place links to Twitter on my blogs and I was promoting my Twitter account on various sources. Then, my Twitter traffic started to increase rapidly (and I attribute most of this to blog traffic and several other Twitter marketing techniques that don't involve viral marketing techniques).

I am not a fan of viral marketing techniques. However, I generally like to follow people who follow me because I've found that I can gain some interesting insights and perspectives this way. I've applied that personal philosophy to Twitter and look at my growth pattern:
  • 30 days ago (April 27), I had roughly 1,000 followers.
  • Today (May 27) - I now have over 7,000 followers!
Does this mean that I'll have 14,000 followers 30 days from now? I doubt that because my Twitter growth has started to level off a bit and I'm no longer seeing those huge jumps in my numbers. TwitterCounter is currently predicting that I'll have roughly 10,500 followers in 30 days. Let's see if that comes true.

Thanks for following me on Twitter! I appreciate all the tips, suggestions, and helpful feedback. In these two months, I've learned many ways to leverage the power of Twitter to drive traffic to my sites and to grow my social network. I hope you're enjoying the content found on my sites. Please tell others know about my blogs:

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