Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My PCP Makes House Calls. Does Yours?

My primary care physician (PCP) makes house calls. Does yours? CNN is reporting about a geriatric physician who makes house calls with a black bag and a BlackBerry. I'm not sure how the BlackBerry fits into the picture since many physicians carry a smartphone these days.

Here's an interesting point from CNN: "Ten years ago, Medicare made it easier for physicians to receive payments for house calls by modifying the way doctors bill for their procedures. And this month, a new "Independence at Home" bill -- designed to coordinate benefits for Medicare's most expensive beneficiaries... -- will be reintroduced, making it easier and less expensive to carry out house calls."

So, if your physician doesn't make house calls, maybe you should tell him or her about this story. That may make it easier for you to get someone to see your geriatric loved one who has a difficult time leaving the house.

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