Saturday, May 2, 2009

Missing Guests at Hong Kong Swine Flu Hotel

I love the city of Hong Kong. There are not that many cities in the world that has the digital infrastructre that's seen in Hong Kong. Kowloon Bay at nigth is amazing. Well, enough about Hong Kong.

If this story (Missing Guests at Hong Kong Swine Flu Hotel) is true, then this is truly embarrassing. A hotel in Hong Kong is being quarantined because a guest was positive for H1N1. However, people have somehow escaped this quarantine and now officials are looking for these 50 people who never returned to their hotel. Meanwhile, 10 passengers who sat near the young Mexican passenger on China Eastern Airlines flight MU 505 from Shanghai and the two cab drivers who drove him around town have been located and their cases are being investigated, according to Thomas Tsang, controller of the Centre for Health Protection.

Why is a swine flu pandemic eminent? Because it's so difficult to enforce quarantine.

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