Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Face Transplant and Microsurgery

If you haven't seen these photos yet, you have to take a look. CNN has posted some that require viewer discretion, but I'm sure you can handle these. Connie Culp had no nose because she had been shot in the face. Her cheeks and upper lip had literally been "blown away." Now, she resembles this photo - which is what she may look like in 2 years. If I ever need a face transplant, please take me to the Cleveland Clinic.

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  1. This is just miraculous, I am so happy for this woman. On the one hand, it is so sad that society could not accept how she looked after she was attacked. But considering how this surgery is something she wanted, I think it will help to rebuild her own self-esteem (and also maybe help her to put the horrible incident behind her), never mind help her regain her sense of smell etc, I think this leap in medicine is beyond fantastic. Bravo to the surgeons, and bravo to Connie for having the courage to go through this: you deserve this and I hope you have a long, wonderful healthy life. To Connie and everyone who made this happen: "Dreams are almost always taller than you are: that way you have to reach to make them come true". Good luck and all the best from Canada.