Monday, May 18, 2009

Blogging Tips for Entrepreneurial Medical Students

I remember the days of being an over-worked, sleep-deprived, poor, stressed-out, medical student. I would not have considered myself an entrepreneurial medical student. Well, then again, maybe I was somewhat entrepreneurial. After all, I looked for opportunities to get involved in private tutoring so that I could make a bit of extra cash to help with some of my bills.

It's important to be realistic if you plan to venture on a new project that doesn't deter you from your main focus (which in this case should be studying). What if you could easily make $1/day for a few minutes of blogging? That might cover your cell phone bill. Within six months, what if you could increase that to $2/day? I'm not a fan of "get rich quick" types of schemes, but I've had the opportunity to personally help, coach, and guide medical students who were able to make up to $10/day by blogging (it takes a considerable amount of time to earn more than that, and most medical students don't really have the luxury to blog too much). You have to come up with content that will attract readers. Are you a good writer? Would that be worth your time? If so, then I encourage you to follow my blogs as I provide practical tips for medical students, residents, and practicing physicians who may be interested in starting a blog.


  1. I appreictate your idea not those of which lures people in millon dollar schemes .Gr8 idea to just start with 1$ goal per day and then work harder .

  2. Most people can easily achieve $1/day by spending just a small amount of time each week. If you're ambitious and truly an entrepreneurial medical student, then perhaps you'll find a way to spend more time blogging.