Monday, May 11, 2009

Annoying Phone Calls

We all get annoying phone calls. There's no way to escape them. Is there any way to Trace That Phone Number? However, you may be interested to know that there are services that can help you remove some of these calls. One way is to ask your phone provider to block that specific number. I had to do that a few weeks ago because I continued to get calls from a 1-800 number that would call me in the middle of the night. Each time I would go to answer the call, the caller would hang up. It was essentially an automated prank call (or crank call if you prefer).

Trace That Number is one service where you can enter a phone number and get a fair amount of useful information. I've used this service several times and it's helped me identify mysterious callers. I've also used Google and other search engines to look up strange phone numbers, but often you end up reading about complaints against that same number. It doesn't always yield useful information. So, the next time you have to perform a Free Phone Lookup, give this service a try.

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