Saturday, April 11, 2009

MIT Acceptance Rate: Record Low at 10.2%

Wow, this year, MIT's acceptance rate fell to a record 10.2%! As the number of applicants increase each year, this trend will only continue. Last year, the acceptance rate was 11.6%. Only 1,597 students out of 15,661 applicants were admitted to the MIT Class of 2013. Waitlist spots were offered to 454 applicants.

I really miss my days in Boston. Those 4 years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology went by very quickly. Although they were many years ago, they feel almost like yesterday. Now, I have the unique opportunity to interview high school students who are applying to MIT. As an Educational Counselor, I've met some extremely talented students and it's a unique privilege to speak with them and hear their stories.

I often wonder what most MIT students plan to pursue. Engineering? Science? Technology? Medicine? When you go to a school like MIT, you eventually meet pre-med students who are majoring in fields like mechanical engineering (that was me), computer science, electrical engineering, aeronautical engineering, and materials science. Of course, you have your droves of biology and chemistry majors. You also get countless bioengineering and chemical engineering students who are pre-med. What's rare is to find a student at MIT who majors only in Spanish. I knew one student during my 4 years at MIT who was a Spanish major. I think she probably picked the wrong college.

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