Monday, April 27, 2009

Health IT and Political Generosity

There's an interesting article in BusinessWeek about Health IT (or HITECH if you prefer). There's a diagram that show the political generosity associated with some of the major companies that develop EHRs (electronic health records) and e-prescribing solutions. Specifically:
  • Allscripts: 100% support to democrats
  • Cerner: 35% support to democrats
  • Epic: 98% support to democrats
  • GE: 61% support to democrats
  • McKesson: 44% support to democrats
  • Siemens: 60% support to democrats
I don't like to get into politics in my blog, so I won't. However, I find this data to be fascinating. I was reading about how Glen Tullman, the CEO fo Allscripts, used to exercise and play basketball with Obama at the same gym.

The economic stimulus plan includes $19.6 billion towards health IT. How do you think hospitals and physicians will leverage this opportunity?

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