Monday, April 6, 2009

Fitness Watches

So how often do you go to the gym? There are so many ways to improve your health and fitness. Buzzwords in the health industry include: wellness, health, fitness, and prevention. This way, you avoid the need for things like disease management since you're preventing disease.

I spend a fair amount at the gym and I've seen some significant changes in consumer health technology that have made it both fun and easier for people to exercise. For instance, I use a Polar heart rate monitor strap so that I can easily monitor my HR during exercise. I also wear a Timex sports watch. I'm also a fan of other brands, but Timex has always been reliable and cost-friendly. If you can afford to spend a fair amount of money for a nice sports watch, then you may want to also look at Suunto and Polar. I've had watches made by both companies and still wear my Suunto at times.

If you like to run, then you may want a watch that also includes a sensor that measures your running speed. You don't necessarily need a GPS to do that. I also love the fact that some of these watches now incorporate solar technology and rechargeable batteries. I've had a Timex Ironman for several years and I haven't even had to replace the battery yet. So improvements in battery technology and recharging capabilities have really improved the capability of sports watches.

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