Thursday, April 16, 2009

Exercise Pool in Your Home

What type of pool would I want in my home? A swim spa! Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. However, unless you have a gym membership, you may have a hard time finding a pool where you can swim some laps and get some cardio exercise. Have you seen those indoor exercise pools where you can swim against resistance as jets of water flow against you? They don't require a tremendous amount of space in your home and you can exercise all-year. Advances in technology now allow manufacturers to use innovative resistance jets that are also therapeutic. Imagine walking against a stream of water that's flowing against you. As you feel the resistance, you'll be building your muscles and getting a therapeutic massage at the same time. You won't get that in a standard swimming pool!

Aquatic therapy has been shown to help people who have specific medical conditions. If you have arthritis, you may have difficulty exercising. Have you ever walked on a treadmill that's underwater? If you need to find something more strenuous, then fire up the resistance jets so that you have to walk against streams of water. Now that's a workout! Hydrotherapy pools have gotten quite sophisticated over the years. Perhaps you have a joint problem. Maybe you're recovering from an injury and you need to start with some gentle exercise. By walking on an underwater treadmill, your weight is reduced because you're surrounded by water. Plus, you don't have to worry about falling suddenly because the buoyancy of the water will slow you down. At the end of your workout, you can enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic massage that's delivered by the high-powered jets that are built into the pool.

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