Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Craigslist killing suspect was a model student

According to this report on, Philip Markoff was a "model student" and his fiancee maintained his innocence in an e-mail to ABC News and wrote that Philip Markoff "is the wrong man" and "was set up." It's so hard to know what goes through the minds of people who commit murder. Markoff was a second year student at Boston University where his peers and colleagues thought that he was a fairly normal guy. Is it possible that the stress of medical school caused him to snap? Is it possible that he succumbed to some strange mental illness during medical school? After all, he's in that age group where psychosis and schizophrenia begin to manifest symptoms.


  1. Medical students are not models at all! Many of them take drugs and/or smoke and practice binge drinking to resist the first years. I have been to their parties and they are far away for most of them, to be doctors! I had to deal with a white female with all the appearances of being a great person. Not only she slept with my husband but then acted very strange, threatening me, a little bit like in the movie Fatal Attraction. I would not be surprised at all if this student was the real killer. We are just limited by the appearance. If the guy had been in the same conditions but black, would the comments be different?

  2. Medical students and doctors are human. They all make mistakes. Some live virtuous lives while others are drawn to the same types of temptations that everyone else faces. We shouldn't judge medical students or doctors as a group.