Thursday, April 30, 2009

Caring for Your Skin

How do you care for your skin? My skin is always dry, so I'm constantly looking for lotions and other moisturizers. People love to have healthy skin. They will invest thousands of dollars on laser surgery, Botox, and other therapies to make their skin look better. People often forget that the skin is an organ that requires care and attention. We take care of our heart by exercising. We avoid smoking to keep our lungs health. What do you do for your skin? I see commercials all the time for different skin products ranging from acne treatment to anti-aging products.

Perhaps you've seen some for a product called Resurgence. This is a product created by Dr. Howard Murad, an Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at UCLA. He's also a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. So what's the best way to care for your skin? To answer that questions, do some research and look at some Resurgence Reviews. Don't believe everything you see on television or on the Internet. It's important to critically assess the validity of products such as Resurgence Products. Even if you see a celebrity like Joan Lunden endorsing a product, spend some time doing some research. Most importantly, talk with your doctor about skin care. If you have special skin conditions, speak with your dermatologist.

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