Friday, March 20, 2009

When is Windows Mobile 6.5 Coming to Verizon?

We've all been hearing about the nice new features on Windows Mobile 6.5. Isn't it funny how Microsoft went from version 6, to 6.1, and now to 6.5? Will there be a 6.8 or 6.9 before version 7 gets released? Why such incremental changes?

For me, the biggest advantage of Windows Mobile 6.5 is the new Pocket Internet Explorer 6.5. I currently have a nice version of PIE because of the custom ROM loaded on my XV6800. However, it's not as nice as PIE 6.5 and I don't think my XV6800 could handle PIE 6.5 because the hardware just isn't robust enough for those requirements. It's a shame because these little devices have such incredible potential. They are considered mobile internet devices (MIDs) by many, but they don't really have the firepower as other dedicated MIDs.

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