Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MIT Solar Car

I wish I could go back to MIT and be an engineering student again. If I could, I'd want to be on the Solar Electric Vehicle Team (SEVT). I'm a big fan of hybrids (even though I don't currently own a hybrid), but I think the thought of a solar car is so much more appealing. Can you see the look on people's faces if you pull up to work in one of these?

This is a picture of Eleanor in a wind tunnel. Speaking of wind tunnels, I remember riding my road bike (I was stationary) in an MIT wind tunnel. My friend was an aero/astro major and he was working on a project that involved the airflow around a cyclist. My eyes dried out very quickly in that tunnel! (and yes, I was wearing eyewear - Oakley I think)


  1. The Tesseract Solar car is my favorite invention of SEVT. It is a single-seat high performance solar race car. It attains highway speeds on the same power as a hairdryer, everything on the car has a necessary and specific purpose.