Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life as a Medical Writer

What does it mean to be a medical writer? I encounter this question quite often. Medical writing is about as broad as the world of medicine. If you become a doctor, you may be an internist, a dermatologist, a radiologist, or a surgeon. All these specialties are quite unique and very different.

The world of medical writing is also quite vast. You may get involved in regulatory and safety reports. Want to write research protocols? Do you enjoy marketing? How about writing some promotional pieces? Then you have the world of certified CME which is NOT promotional. Medical writers can also get involved in writing chapters within textbooks. If you're familiar with health literacy issues, then check out consumer health and patient education. There are many opportunities in various consumer-friendly websites, but you have to write at a 6th grade literacy level. The term "ghost writing" is frowned upon in the medical industry, so don't brag about your ghost writing experience. Finally, there's the world of blogging. Some medical writers have been very successful as bloggers.


  1. Dear Sir

    Nice thoughts!!

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  2. Eva, thanks for leaving a comment. I sent you an email today. Best regards, JK