Friday, March 6, 2009

Employment Opportunities

This may not be the best time to be transitioning from a clinical to a non-clinical career. Even under this new administration, unemployment rates are climbing very rapidly. Within pharma, we see layoff announcements left and right. Pharma is also struggling because the FDA is being so overly cautious to approve new drugs. So, if you currently have a stable clinical job, you may want to wait for the economy improves to look for new opportunities.

Perhaps the only exception is within the health IT industry. I seem to see more job posts in that sector than any other right now. There is a growing need for better electronic health records (EHRs), computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems, and the integration with personal health records (PHRs) like Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault. I've been speaking with recent college grads who have told me that they are not having problems finding jobs in the health information technology/information space. Hospitals are recognizing the need for more efficient systems and as hardware and software capabilities improve, it's important to do periodic updates to stay current and to ensure the maximum levels of data integrity and security.

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