Saturday, February 7, 2009

Time to Replace a Treo (not mine)

Not mine. I got rid of my Treo a long time ago. However, I know someone who is now looking for a change. What's the best phone for a physician on Verizon Wireless?

The Samsung Omnia is a great for someone who wants something thin that has a large screen, no hardware keyboard, and Windows Mobile.

The BlackBerry Storm is ideal for someone who wants the same features, but on a BlackBerry.

The HTC Touch Pro is a fantastic slider, but it's thick and bulky.

The Samsung Saga is a thinner version of the Treo.

If you're really on a budget, you could go with the old XV6900 (made by HTC). I can't think of anyone who would still buy a Palm Centro running the old Palm OS when the new Palm Pre is coming out.

So what would you pick?

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  1. I would still pick something running PalmOS if I was a physician, which now means the Centro when it's a phone from Palm. There are literally thousands of apps, dozens of them specifically for physicians; due to its popular PDA legacy. Some of these apps are older, but they are still useful, aren't going away anytime soon, and the Centro is cheap enough that you wouldn't be throwing a lot of money away should you need to upgrade later. (Typically the Centro is $50 from most carriers.) Plus I still see new physician's apps being written for the platform, such as updated medicine guides. I can't think of too many other mobile phone platforms that have that distinction.