Monday, February 23, 2009

Should I do a Medical/Surgical Residency?

I often get asked this question by medical students: "Should I do a medical/surgical residency if I KNOW that I never want to practice medicine?"

I always try to encourage medical students to go through residency. There are many types of non-malignant programs out there. Plus, you may find that you actually enjoy certain things about clinical medicine. Some residency programs to consider include preventive medicine and PM&R. No matter which program you select, residency can feel brutal if you end up isolating yourself from family and friends. Plus, you may suffer serious emotional burnout and psychological distress if you're not truly prepared to be a physician.

There are many non-clinical opportunities for medical school graduates who never go through a residency. The transition from the clinical world to the non-clinical world can be slow and arduous, but many have traveled this road with great success.

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