Monday, February 9, 2009

Research on free EHR and EMR

I've decided to embark on a new project this year. I plan to do some more extensive research on the topic of free EMR and EHR solutions. I realize that many people use EMR and EHR synonymously while others make clear distinctions between the two. I'd like to keep things simple so I'll probably just use the broader term EHR and cover practice management solutions and other products that are out there.

So what would the polls show regarding the "best" free EHR?

To start, it would have to be CCHIT certified. Next, I would want to know if there are any free solutions that are recommended by HIMSS (I am not aware of any at this time, but that could just be a reflection of my ignorance).

I've heard many opinions on this topic and so I welcome your comments. As I do my research, I hope to post some short snippets of information as I come across pearls and nuggets of relevant information.

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  1. The distinction between EMR and EHR is getting thinner as EMRs approach the capabilities of EHRs. I found an interesting link which lists down some differences between EMRs and EHRs. As for CCHIT certification, it is not 'required' (see