Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Inactive Doctors and Active Medical Licenses

LocumLife has an article on how many clinically inactive doctors hold and maintain active medical licenses. Many of these physicians are women who may take extended "breaks" from medicine to have children, raise a family, etc. Others are physicians who venture into non-clinical careers and they find themselves being drawn back to the practice of medicine. You may even get some physicians who pursue an early retirement, only to discover that they need additional income to maintain their current lifestyle.

The study was conducted mainly among pediatricians by the University of Michigan Child Health Evaluation and Research (CHEAR) Unit and the American Board of Pediatrics. I suspect you'll get some skewed responses since many of these physicians are women and many either work part-time or they tend to take long career breaks. I think it will be interesting if a similar study is conducted among all the specialties.

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