Thursday, February 12, 2009

Going Back to the Stock Verizon ROM for the XV6800

I need to install the stock Verizon ROM on my XV6800. I've been using a custom ROM that allows me to use the built-in GPS and it's been great. But, it's time for me to go through the steps of installing the original ROM. Can you guess why?

If Verizon hadn't disabled the built-in GPS, then I wouldn't have gone through all the trouble. Now, I have to go through all these complicated steps at the risk of turning my phone into a nice paperweight brick.

Thank goodness for the HTC Titan wiki. The first step is the BootLoader. I've already done that using a microSD card. Now, I need to go through and replace the phone ROM and the radio ROM. Verizon now has both an MR1 and an MR2 ROM update listed on their website so you can get Windows Mobile 6.1 and RevA speeds.

Thankfully, all the newer Verizon phones don't come crippled with disabled GPS chips.


  1. reverting back so you can install the promised update I've been hearing about? I thought those updates were actually only for newer models... or maybe you need to revert back for a warranty issue? I'm actually curious... i have the same phone and probably similar setup.