Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Free (or almost free) EMR/EHR solutions

Here's a list that was provided by someone on the Student Doctor Network:


This person forgot about VersaForm and MD Bug. I think it's only a matter of time before a robust open-source platform gets developed.


  1. Unfortunately, the term “open source” is interpreted by many as being synonymous with “free.” Open-source software – systems that make the source code available for free to users, so that custom modifications can be made at-will – does not guarantee free, or even low-cost. Often, to a customer, obtaining “free” open-source software has hidden costs: one often needs open-source engineers/consultants to make any modifications (physicians are seldom software writers and cannot implement source-code changes without IT consultant help); there is still the issue of hosting the software on some hardware system; there is still the issue of training and support.

    Practice Fusion offers a truly free solution: it is web-based (therefore hosting and installation costs do not exist), it is very intuitive and rapidly-deployed (minimizing training and support), and it is centrally hosted (allowing clinical information sharing). I have not seen any other example of EMR software that is truly free to physician-end-users.

    Some training institutions for medical professionals – for example, the New York Institute of Technology, and UWest Florida – have adopted Practice Fusion as the EMR on which to train their students. Why? It is intuitive, easy, yet robust; there is no installation or setup needed (just a browser and an internet connection); and it is truly free.

    Robert Rowley, MD

  2. Hi Joseph...Add "Mitochon Systems" to the list of free or near free EMR systems. They are rolling out their mEMR service in early 2009. Their website is www.mitochonsystems.com.

  3. Hello, You forgot Amazing Charts.