Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sony Vaio P

I've always been a Sony fan. I know that they tend to be a bit more expensive (like a Mac), but the build quality tends to be quite superb. I have an older Sony Vaio VGN-T250 that I still use for light computing.

Well, the Vaio P is the latest addition and it is being touted as the smallest 8" netbook. It has an extra-wide display (only Sony can get away with things like that) and a built-in GPS. I'm still surprised that Sony hasn't jumped on the Tablet PC market. If they took the TT series and made that into a convertible tablet, I think that would be a hot seller, especially for healthcare professionals who want something that is light and functional.

Sony always has a unique way of entering the market with innovative products. Instead of delivering a conventional netbook, the Vaio P is unique and very expensive (starts at $899).

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