Saturday, January 10, 2009

CES 2009 - Wishlist

Based on the reports from CES 2009, I've started creating a wishlist. I'm really just dreaming, so I may as well call it a dreamlist:

  • Sony Vaio VGN P500: Sony's entry into the netbook arena. Will this run Mac OS X?
  • OQO model 02+: cheaper, faster, OLED and touch screen
  • Powermat: wireless charging. Get rid of all those cables!
This isn't part of my dreamlist anymore, but they would be considered some of the major highlights from CES 2009 (at least from my perspective):
  • Netbook convertible tablets: ASUS seems to have the edge here
  • Palm Pre: WebOS platform. The survival of Palm hinges on its success
  • Windows 7 beta: well, it was going to get released, but now it appears delayed
So will CES be worth attending in 2010?

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