Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Are the Best FREE EHRs for 2009?

Which EHR or EMR solution will be the best options for 2009?

Some questions to consider, include:
  • CCHIT certified?
  • Advertisements?
  • ASP (or web-based)?
  • Stable company?

Perhaps the bigger question is: What is the viability of FREE solutions in this economy?


  1. I am a senior consultant for CureMD Corporation of New York. A vendor of EMR and EHR solutions and we have decided to offer our CCHIT certified All-in-One EMR and Practice Management solution (PMS) for free to clients who sign up for our medical billing service. We have been successfully selling EMR and PMS solutions for over a decade and endeavor to provide solutions that are in tune with the current needs of our industry.

    As a result, this new pricing model costs substantially less and is viable for us as a vendor too because we recover our revenues from the billing services. It is worth mentioning that we do not provide a stripped down version of the software when it is free. It is the complete version with eRx, clinical decision support, numerous 3rd party databases, electronic claim submission (837), electronic remittance advice (835), real-time eligibility verification (270/271) and a complete enterprise scheduling system.

    The initial feedback has been very positive and I think solutions like this are what the market needs in a recession hit 2009.

  2. Just remember, you get what you pay for!