Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sony P Series Vaio Netbook

Could this be the Sony P series Vaio netbook? (or will Sony call this a Pocketbook?) The Sony Vaio Pocket netbook?

Multiple images of this new computer have leaked all over the internet. Could this be the final product? An ultra-wide screen device that has a tiny keyboard? It looks like it will easily fit into a ladie's clutch purse and may even have the footprint of a standard envelope.

I've been a fan of the Sony Vaio series. I have an older T series notebook that has a 10.5" screen, a built-in DVD drive, and is very light and compact. Sony products can be a bit more expensive, but the build quality is superb. If Sony comes out with a netbook, how will it be priced? What operating system will it run? Early specs suggest an Intel Atom processor, an SSD option, and a high-resolution display.

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