Thursday, December 18, 2008

Running OS X on Netbooks

I do not endorse running any type of hacked version of an operating system. However, I find it fascinating that people are posting charts like this to indicate which netbooks are compatible with OS X. I have to admit that I've played around with OS X on an old notebook.

Multiple posts and videos, including this one from, show people installing a hacked version of OS X on a netbook. Do you have an Asus Eee? An HP mini? A Dell 9? An MSI Wind? A Samsung NC10? A Lenovo IdeaPad S10?

Interested? Care to try? Then see if your netbook is on this list and hunt for the files you need. You'll need to get familiar with the OS X terminal and a few other Mac utilities.

The big question is when will Apple release an affordable netbook?

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  1. a new feature of netbooks is OSX compatibility.