Tuesday, December 2, 2008

BlackBerry Storm, iPhone, or Windows Mobile?

Medical students and clinicians often ask me, "should I get an iPhone or a BlackBerry Storm?" Neither have a ton of medical applications. Palm is dying. And those who hate Microsoft don't ever want to purchase anything that has the word "Windows" in it.

So, what's the best answer? How will Microsoft improve Windows Mobile devices to attract healthcare professionals?Will Palm survive? Will BlackBerry become the leading provider for healthcare professionals who need to stay connected and still have access to important medical software? Or will Apple dominate this industry with the iPhone?

If you're stuck on the Verizon network, then you don't have the option to get the iPhone, so you're either stuck with the BlackBerry Storm or a Windows Mobile device like the HTC Touch Pro (which replaced the XV6800). If you're stuck on the AT&T network, then you're going with an iPhone. Is it worth switching networks if all your contacts and friends are on a different one?

I'm still sticking with Windows Mobile. I've been happy with the Treo 700wx and my current HTC XV6800 (AKA Mogul and Titan). Someday if the iPhone comes to Verizon, I may switch. But until then, I plan to use my GPS-enabled XV6800 for a long time.

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