Monday, November 3, 2008

HTC Touch Pro replacing the XV6800 (aka Mogul)

Looks like the HTC Touch Pro will be replacing the Verizon XV6800 (aka Sprint Mogul ). Are you planning on upgrading?

As for me, I think I'm done with sliders. They're great for some, but not for me. I really prefer the Treo-style phones so the new Samsung Epix or the new Treo Pro are the ones that really attract me. I want something that is slim (hence, not a slider), and one that I can use with a single hand for the keyboard. A slider requires both hands. I got used to typing with a single hand when I used my old Treo.


  1. The people who prefer non-sliding touch pads, and Treo-type phones, are usually technically unsavvy Yuppies and 'Boomers. I know a gang of physicians, buisness men and lawyers who own them. The Treo has always sucked and it lacks any real aesthetic appeal. BORRRRING!
    Thumb typing on the larger sliders is just so much faster. Two thumbs are better than one for sure. Traditional typers, as in typewriter trained ones, seem to dig the Palm platforms. They also still own the Commodore and use it as a PC! The Treos are ugly, bulky and have application limits. Come on man, get with it! If you can't use one hand to type on the slide-outs then you have girly-baby hands. When do you really need to type using one hand anyway? While your driving or mixing cookie batter? WTH! Word'em up, bruh'!!!

  2. Posts like this make me laugh. I'm neither a yuppie nor a boomer. I prefer the Treo keypad because it's instantly accessible and doesn't requite any extra motion to slide it open. I can type VERY fast on a Treo keyboard. Granted, I've never owned a phone with a slide out keypad, so I've nothing to compare against. It's obvious to see that you don't like the Treo form factor. That doesn't mean it's inferior to your device of choice. I do however agree that the Treo has nothing in the looks department.