Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Everyday Health gets more visits than WebMD

According to Medical Marketing and Media, Everyday Health surpassed WebMD in unique visitors in October. According to comScore data, Everyday Health had 25.7 million unique visitors in October, compared with 19.6 million for WebMD. AOL Health was third with 10.4 million, followed by Health at 9.1 million.

Have you visited Everyday Health? How about WebMD? As consumers aim to learn more about their personal health conditions, these types of health portals will receive more and more traffic.

If you're a healthcare provider, which website do recommend to your patients? Is the information reliable? Understandable? Up-to-date?

1 comment:

  1. The posting is incorrect, Waterfront media owns Everday Health which is an ad network made up of 26 sites, most of which require paid registration to use and aren't health sites. When they add the reach of the ad network it surpasses traffic.

    Nobody knows about Everday Health let alone believes that Everyday Health is credible.