Friday, November 21, 2008

The death of Palm?

I've always been a Windows Mobile user (aka Pocket PC), so I may be biased. However, according to this PC World article, it looks like Palm got rid of 200 workers this week. What does this mean about the future of this company?

Medical professionals (especially medical students) have traditionally tended to favor the Palm OS because of the availability of medical applications. However, the recent trend seems to be towards the iPhone and even the BlackBerry for those who check their e-mail frequently. Of course, I still use Windows Mobile and I have no plans to change anytime soon. Will Android put the end to Palm?

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  1. Good riddance to Palm. While I love using my Palm TX, the technology is fairly outdated. The web browser is very slow and unreliable for most webpages. The latest edition of the Microsoft Exchange server no longer works with Palm's e-mail program. And what's worse, many medical companies are slowly phasing out their Palm products. I can't believe that the company that revolutionized the PDA and made it available to the masses could drop the ball on smart phones. A graduation present to myself is going to be a new Blackberry with a subscription to PEPID.