Thursday, November 27, 2008

BlackBerry and Epocrates

Now that BlackBerry has a touch screen device called the STORM, more and more people are switching from Palm OS or Windows Mobile to BlackBerry.

The iPhone has had such a dramatic impact on the handheld, smartphone, PDA industry in the healthcare arena.

Fortunately, Epocrates is available for the BlackBerry. I haven't had a chance to play around with the STORM, but I'm sure it's very easy to use. A touch screen really increases productivity.

I love having the Epocrates handheld suite on my phone. Of course, I use a touch screen Windows Mobile device, but if I ever switch to a BlackBerry, I'll be sure to install Epocrates.


  1. Not sure if ePocrates works on the Storm. Have you tried Skyscape applications ? They do appear to support the Blackberry Storm and Skyscape application is more sophisticated and user friendly than ePocrates on touch devices such as the iPhone and the Blackberry.

  2. I saw this on the Epocrates website: "Epocrates Rx Pro is not currently available on the BlackBerry Storm. We are actively working on a compatible version and expect it to be available by early 2009."