Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Windows 7

I'm starting to get really excited about Windows 7. Maybe I shouldn't hold my breath, but I'm eager to see Microsoft fix Vista and release a fast, efficient operating system. Since most of my machines are powered by a relatively "slow" processor, I need an OS that can run well on a 1 GHz processor with 1-2 GB of RAM.

I've recently migrated most of my machines from XP to Vista. I realize that Vista may be a bit slower, but it seems to utilize RAM more effectively. On my Thinkpad X41 Tablet, I have 1.5 GB of RAM, so Vista works fine. On my Samsung Q1 Ultra, I have 2 GB of RAM, so Vista runs OK. The processor is really slow, so that can get frustrating at times. I've customized the settings so that I can save power and focus on productivity.

My plan is to switch to Windows 7 if that OS seems to be more efficient than XP. Will that be the case?

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