Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Battery Life

Will Windows 7 really offer better battery life for my notebook and UMPC? To me, that's the main question. Of course, I also care about performance, but if I'm moving around all day, I need the longest battery life possible. Vista was supposed to increase battery life, but it did exactly the opposite in almost every case. How will Windows 7 perform? Why am I'm getting my hopes up? What if Windows 7 is even worse than Vista? Is that possible?

I can't wait for the day when laptops and other mobile devices have much better battery life. Until that day, I'm stuck using my Tekkeon myPower ALL MP3450 while I sit through long meetings at conferences.

I know that Windows 7 won't make a dramatic difference in battery life. But at this point, I'll switch to Windows 7 if I can even get 5 or 10% more battery life.

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