Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thermoelectric Generators for Healthcare

We see solar power being used every day. There are even electric cars running on solar power. Solar powered chargers can even be used to charge laptop batteries.

So if we can harness light as energy, how about heat? That's exactly what thermoelectric generators are doing. Can you imagine what we could do if we could effectively generate power from heat? Heat is often wasted energy. Think about your computer. The CPU and hard drive get hot. What if we could use that energy (especially for mobile devices)?

Thermoelectric generators may have substantial application for medical devices. Think about all the different types of sensors, monitors, etc. that are used in hospitals. Some patients can hardly move because of all the wires connecting different sensors to boxes and devices. If these sensors could be thermoelectric (or get coupled with solar power), they could be wireless! Wouldn't that be great! This is an exciting area of research and I've been reading about some companies heavily invested in this research. More to come...


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