Saturday, September 20, 2008

Loving my aGPS on my XV6800

I've been loving my GPS experience using my XV6800. Now that I can get a GPS lock within a few seconds, it's been great. I use my GPS while driving and walking. It's been a great experience and I can't imagine using a smartphone that doesn't have a built-in GPS.

So if all future smartphones come with integrated GPS chips, then who's going to need those stand-alone GPS units like the TomTom and Garmin devices sold at BestBuy?


  1. Hi Dr. Kim. Thanks for sharing on your blog. GPS lock on my mogul has been very slow, what is working well for you?

  2. The folks over at XDA developers found a fix for the aGPS for Verizon phones. I'm not totally sure where they are with the Sprint models, but you can take a look by digging through the forums:

    Good luck