Thursday, August 28, 2008

Official Verizon ROM Update for XV6800

It looks like the official Verizon Wireless ROM update is here for the XV6800

This is supposed to update the operating system to Windows Mobile 6.1
It also adds EVDO Rev A capability.


The old ROM is version 2.09.605.8
and the new ROM is version 3.57.605.1

Unfortunately, GPS is NOT enabled for you to use on other applications like Google Maps, TomTom, etc. Hence, if you wish to use your phone as a GPS navigator, then you better learn how to install a custom ROM.

Go here to download the upgrade:

or, here:


  1. On the other hand, you can, like me, you can download Verizon's GPS program (Navigator) and pay $9/month to use their own GPS program. I installed it yesterday, and activated it today and it does work very well, I must admit. Also, with the ROM upgrade, my battery life has literally doubled and my internet browsing and download experience is even better with access to EVDO rev A speeds. So all in all, a very good upgrade considering it's only going from WinMobile 6.0 to 6.1.

  2. You're right. However, by installing a custom ROM, you can have access to that internal GPS for free, and you can use other GPS navigation software including Google Maps, TomTom, Live Search, etc.

  3. Art, did you have any problems activating vzNavigator on the XV6800? I saw some posts on the xda-developers forums where people had trouble with Verizon's customer service saying that the XV6800 doesn't support it. (I guess word hadn't got out to them yet.) So I was waiting until I heard people were having success before I called.

    I was actually running a custom ROM before--I was afraid to take the plunge until I read one of Dr. Kim's posts that linked to an easy step by step tutorial on upgrading. I think that was on another blog of his. Anyway, thanks in advance for that post.

    When the Verizon update was released I installed it even though I already new that GPS was locked up. I liked being able to use Google maps and Windows live, but I really was only using them to toy around with. I used to have vzNavigator on my old LG Chocolate phone and I actually really liked it.

    I too, feel like my battery life has improved with the new update.

    Oh, another thing I tried is the skyfire browser thanks to a tip from Dr. Kim. I just downloaded after reading a post on another blog that they have opened it up until August 30. I saw it on PocketPCMag here

  4. By the way, when I said "Thanks in advance," I meant to say "belated thanks" but apparently I experienced some kind of time reversal.

    I wonder if Verizon's upgrade is causing distortions in the spacetime continuum.

  5. I use Skyfire all the time. It's a great browser.

    The best way to learn about custom ROMs is to read some of the forum postings on XDA developers. They also have some wikis that are great.

    Keep in mind that there are several different ways to load a custom ROM. Get familiar with the different ways and understand the process.

  6. I recently bought the XV6800 and am enjoying learning to use it Finding forums and useful blogs are a great help. Regarding the "unofficial" GPS programs that can be added to enable the locked out GPS, are there any air time charges for using the GPS program if I have unlimited web usage through Verizon? Thanks. Dave Stewart

  7. GPS programs like Google Maps and Live Search use the standard data/internet service. Hence, if you have unlimited data (which you can get for even less on the XV6800), you'll be fine.