Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Freelance Contractor or Salaried Employee?

I've recently been thinking about this issue: Is it better to work as a freelance contractor? Or to work as a salaried employee? Everyone knows that the benefits of being a contractor is that you can get paid more $, have more flexibility, and maintain diversity in your work. However, the stability may be lacking and you have to find your own benefits. May people love working as a freelance contractor. They would never trade that for a salaried permanent position.

Family life is a huge factor for many people. Some need to work from home, and that can be quite difficult if you're expected to always be in the office. More companies are embracing telecommuting options, but that can have its limitations.

Is there a compromise that results in the best of both worlds? In the end, you may have to give and take to get what you want. For others, one type of work format may be the right fit for that stage in life. Do you enjoy going to work? I'm sure glad that I do.

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