Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Single-insertion, multi-sample biopsy needle

When I was at MIT, I was involved in some mechanical engineering research modifying biopsy needles. Hence, I am naturally intrigued when new biopsy needles are engineered.

A company in California called Rubicor has developed a new type of biopsy needled called FLASH. This single-insertion, multi-sample biopsy needle can take up to 15 core samples with one incision. Certainly beats those spring-loaded biopsy needles that make a horrible clicking sound when they 'fire' to cut a core of tissue.


  1. yeah! its much better,

  2. Have you used a Flash in a biopsy? What was your impression?

  3. I've never used this device, but it looks very promising compared to all those spring-loaded devices that take a single core each time (or partial core for that matter).

    The other big question is cost.